AimIT Software

Mobile applications Development

With mobile technology take center stage in today's world, organizations are interested in making significant advances in the mobile space. As technology keeps mobile customers to stay connected during most of the time, companies are moving beyond the desktop world to be attuned to the needs of its customers.

AimIT Software offers solutions for mobile / PDA to help organizations communicate with their customers through mobile devices to measure. Leveraging our industry intelligence and technological training, design and build mobile applications that are customer-friendly and easy processing of data quickly and easily.

We have developed custom mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod .

IPhone Mobile Application Development

In AimIT Software we programmers to manage the development of mobile applications based on iPhone, iPod and iPhone. The sophisticated device Apple has given its users a unique mobile experience and we have experts who can even enhance the mobile experience by developing interesting mobile applications.

Development of Mobile Applications For BlackBerry

Application developers can use BlackBerry RIM proprietary APIs to develop Java applications for Blackberry. Taking advantage of touch capabilities and APIs in device mode of travel, build a scalable, easy to use application for BlackBerry. We also use MIDP CLDC and libraries to quickly create multi-platform Java applications for customers.

Development of Mobile Applications For Android

AimIT Software focuses on developing applications using the Google Android platform Google Android SDK, so our application developers can discover the endless possibilities of Android through its extensive set of development tools. We create innovative and dynamic applications for devices - from the games, organizers, media players, access to online information and many more devices operating in high-tech phone.